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What the hell is this??? lol [08 Oct 2010|03:26am]
[ mood | chipper ]

He hasn't come out, but on the off chance that he will never officially do so:

cut for sizeCollapse )

All credit for scans to http://james-franco.com/gallery/index.php

The reason I still have the JF google alert: http://mlb.mlb.com/video/play.jsp?content_id=9909557 (1:07)
When will I see Ian Kinsler in drag? I guess he wears tights every day and eyeblack on a lot of days, so I shouldn't complain.

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checking in after hibernation [26 Jul 2009|07:10pm]
Various things have transpired to keep me away from this journal, mostly
(1) mache
(2) Azkatraz
(3) RL

It is impossible to find mache in any grocery store, it is always sold out. Anyway, saw lots of parry hotter people and star trek people and even though I subscribe to neither fandom it was enjoyable??

"Fall of Ron", "Why Sirius Black had to die", "HP and the Rise of Nazism", "Dumbledor was never free" ahaha GOLD.

And of course getting to tour wine country was one of the best things ever, rivaled only by actually going to Mediterranean!Europe.

Also, Berkeley is a very nice town and it is precisely 1/2 hour train ride from the grungy heart of san francisco. It's such a cliche to say you like the bay area, but I do, I have never before had the urge to go somewhere significantly far away from my family, except to there. Finally getting to visit Berkeley seals the deal. It's one of the places I'll apply to for postdoc. Whenever that time comes, bah.

Anyway, I'm so behind on my james franco douchery news. This delightfully stoopid picture is from whykeepcounting who is a truly amazing collectress of james franco candids.
they do it. case closed.Collapse )
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[fic] Athletes. Saltes/Kinesias (baseball/greekmyth). PG-13 [23 Jun 2009|07:43pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Title: αθλητές (Athletes, lol)
Pairing: Saltes/Kinesias
Fandom: Ummmmmmm... Texas Rangers baseball players in a classical mythology AU setting. Obviously.
Rating: PG-13?
A/N: Dedicated to chlorate. As in, she's the only person who might get wtf this is... maybe. O________o
This fic includes elements of the classical myths Cupid and Psyche, Apollo and Hyacinth, and lots of other lulz and embarrassment. This Kinesias is no relation to Aristophanes' lame Kinesias, just for the record-- I chose the name for its pleasing 'kinetics' root. Saltes is Saltes because no Olympians have long names + it sounds more like his lovely nickname this way :X
Warnings: Unbetaed. Not about stoners getting each other knocked up. To be read as comedy only!! heh. And I don't think I ever wrote anything so purple, my lame excuse is that classical myth is Tyrian by definition, goddammit.
This is a poor tribute of sorts to one of the first books that I read in English, still my favorite on the subject: D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths. I should just buy it already, relive my childhood :X

Omg, this is reDONKulous and yet I am pleased that it now exists...Collapse )

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James Franco potential RPF's, ahaha [14 Jun 2009|09:10pm]
[ mood | amused ]

oh_franco... james franco RPF community has been created :D
It's been set up by the wonderful kuihtuma who actually has some spine initiative!!! I shall now harbor quixotic hopes that given a venue to post, stuff will automatically and promptly start to be written, but yes, emphasis on QUIXOTIC.

The only franco RPF I've read is him with Zac Efron, which does have some RL basis thanks to Gus Van Sant's and Dustin Lance Black's obsession with him. I still don't quite get Teh Zefron, but I haven't watched 17 Again and I also think I'm biased against liking any actors who are younger than I am (I should really change this, because this narrows down my pool significantly and it will only get worse with time) :/

Anyway, rogen/franco is my OTP, by far, but I am promiscuous and will read anything with franco, I admit :X

Since I'm not holding out much hope for reams of franco RPF to ever be written, here I will list some ideas that will probably never come to fruition but are fun anyway.

Also, requisite disclaimer: None of this is real, his real girlfriend is Ahna O'Reilly, they are Happy Together (c), yada yada yada. No libel intended, just shits and giggles.

Read more...Collapse )

Read more...Collapse )

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Zachary Quinto, what is this... [30 May 2009|09:16pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Excuse me, WHAT??

That's um, Zachary Quinto taking a massive cumshot as part of a Got Milk? campaign, maybe? I don't know how else to explain this wtfery.

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JF miscellany from the past week compiled [30 May 2009|12:07pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Natalie Portman joins Your Highness. Haha, yes! I'm gratified that the movie is getting some credibility after everyone was complaining re Franco passing over playing a secondary character to Leo DiCaprio in a Christopher Nolan film (replaced in that one by my other favorite squinty semijew Joseph Gordon-Levitt). Christopher Nolan's direction is overrated, thereIsaidit.

The Jeff Buckley biopic is moving forward decisively at last. Being considered / expressing interest are: Jared Leto [eh.. maybe], James Franco [visual ringer if he just drops the extra ginsberg pounds], Robert Pattinson [ugh, hell no] and James Marsden [ooh! didn't initially come to mind, but I like this casting a lot!].

And Ted Casablanca finally outs JF without blindvicing...
Dear Ted:
Has James Franco been one of your Blind Vices? I get a strange vibe from that hottie...say, maybe on the down-low?
Dear Francophile:
On the not-so-down-low, yes.

Hopefully he's hooking up with that artist guy. I actually like that pairing, much better than the previous one I suspected where they were all jaded and too-cool-for-school with each other.
He's so shyly happeh in these:

Sh*, that Carter guy is pretty hot, actually. I'm still crossing my fingers that that pretentious inscrutable modern art exhibition is coming here. Apparently it's going to Cleveland, then Oregon... O____o I'm assuming SF and LA? COME TO BAHSTON, PLZ D: WE ARE ALSO OBSESSED WITH JF HERE. That may or may not be the royal "we"... :/
I might not even like the end result of the art, but I'm really, inordinately enamored with the whole artist/muse idea.

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This is in lieu of writing a coherent fic, apparently [27 May 2009|04:33pm]
[ mood | should be working... cannot ]

At one point while collecting various pics from james franco sites, I saved the most obscene screencaps of him from Freaks & Geeks. Er, obscene in my mind's eye, that is, which is very triggerhappy to construe pr0n out of anything?
So here I post them all with pointless side-commentary captions, like I used to play with my siblings (except less dirtily back then). There's no plot progression, nor rhyme or reason, it's just basically Daniel being an utter slut with Nick and/or Ken. I mean, he was canonically somewhat of a hetero nympho, insofar as NBC would allow them to go and portray that, so it's not much of a stretch. Or, actually, it is.

Nick/Daniel OTP... Aaaa, this makes me want Jason Segel and James Franco to reunite in a movie at some point. If in doubt that they were doing it behind the scenes, pls to watch this: Nick's a STUUUD

Shameless frivolous debasement of a wonderful, wholesome series in here. Seriously, I'm not sure I can call myself a fan after mutating it so cruelly. Do not click if you like: canon, good taste, not reading sex into everything, etc.Collapse )

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Bill Kaulitz as peter pan [27 May 2009|03:47pm]
[ mood | amused ]

So my first fandom that I participated in on LJ was Peter Pan... mostly leading up to and quite a bit after the 2004 movie starring Jason Isaacs.
It's been a while since I've thought about that whole universe for a number of reasons, mostly because fic slowed down to a trickle from even the most prolific participants. It held out a pretty long time though, in retrospect :) I don't know what was cause and effect here, but ever since my interest in chan, noncon, and bondage has waned considerably. Not my love for JI though <3

Anyway, I have for some reason been coming across a lot of stuff about Bill Kaulitz... half of the identical twin duo in some German band whose music doesn't do anything for me, but who are hilariously diverged in their attire and gender roles, and of course often slashed twincestually. Which also doesn't do anything for me, because apparently I require 1 or more adults in a pairing.

Anyway, when I saw this picture:

it suddenly hit me that Bill Kaulitz looks like a lot of what I wanted the Peter character to be portrayed as. Vaguely underage but not outrightly childish, a feminine femme mystique about him, cocky and imminently fuckable vulnerable, plus crazy long hair supposedly au naturel (I know, I know, natural hair would never grow like this, but maybe in the maaagical world of neverland?). Haha, this brings me right back to the ogling lil boys days.
Here's a couple moar for good pervy measure.

Possibly gross, but far far better than Jeremy Sumpter. Or Mary Martin, har har.

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James Frank Sinatra [20 May 2009|09:57pm]
James Franco is on Martin Scorsese's short list for his upcoming Frank Sinatra biopic. Yes, as the main character. Yes, that is pretty bad casting (although considering that other people on the short list include Justin Timberlake (???), Johnny Depp (love him and he looks good in a fedora, but he's already morphed J.M. Barrie beyond belief... Sinatra doesn't require the same pedo cleanup act, come on) and martin scorsese's masturbatory kleenex Leo DiCaprio... so I guess JF isn't all that egregiously awful).
Anyway, I'm just using this news as an excuse to do a halfassedly-matched lil picspam of Frank Sinatra and JF. Honestly, lining them up, I think even though Sinatra has less regular features, his eyes are uncommonly beautiful. Also, JF is not a hat person. I don't think he's ever worn a hat outside of Freaks & Geeks and City by the Sea. Although apparently he wears wrong-town baseball caps for trying to go unnoticed in public? heh. I was amused to notice that James Franco's ears and hands are dead ringers for Frank Sinatra's though.
And I vote Harry Connick Jr. for playing Sinatra because (a) he looks more like him than anyone else on the list, (b) he is an actual singer, and even if they have him lipsync to Sinatra, at least he can look like he's really singing + film crew will not be treated to awful, awful non-singing gobbledygook, (c) if JF's going to play the main character in yet another biopic for which he is only marginally qualified AllenGinsbergAhem, then at least do Jeff Buckley, pls.
I think I'd enjoy biopics more if they weren't so invariably Oscarbaiting...

Picspam hereCollapse )
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Lol @ Harry Osborn [17 May 2009|03:57am]
Lololol. So instead of while working on putting together data onto slides, I also made this awful tribute to Harry Osborn in Spidey 3. And only 3, because it's funnier that way, ...aaaand I also don't have the footage for the more respectable 1 and 2.
Feminization of male characters is never not funny to me, I think. That may not be PC and may be a manifestation of internalized misogyny, but there it is. HARRY WAS SUCH AN (ULTIMATELY POINTLESSLY AND INEFFECTUALLY) CATTY BACKSTABBER WHEN HE DIDN'T HAVE AMNESIA. As far as asinine scripting goes, the Osborn plotline asininities were at least amusing to me.
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Happy birthday Pseudy!! [fic] Beaux Jeunes, Hamilton/Laurens, PG-13 [14 May 2009|10:33pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

Happy birthday to my dearest (and only O.o) RL-first-then-somewhatoverlappingly-fandom friend Pseudy! ♥ ♥ ♥
I hope you did something fun and didn't stay at work all day...?
Pseudy is really chlorate nowadays, which is also a pleasing, just-esoteric-enough lj username, but for some reason doesn't lend itself as easily to endearments. Chlory? lol.
I offer you fic in a basically non-existent fandom, which I really hope you still like? D: Not that still liking the pairing guarantees that you'll like this fic I slapped together, but at least it's the thought that counts? o.o I wish I could write you a grand, betaed, historically accurate, voiced-right epic because you have written them peerlessly ;___; Anyway, this is the best I could do... Slapped together WITH LOVE.

... Why is almost every Hamilton statue so incredibly gorgeous? Exacerbating latent agalmatophilia everywhere, fer sure D:

Title: Beaux Jeunes
Pairing: John Laurens / Alexander Hamilton (American Revolution RPS!)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Rilly unbetaed, as usual, and very very possibly glaringly inaccurate in detail and diction D: French is used sparingly, only where its sound seemed arbitrarily important to me, and I'm hoping I still remember enough to avoid making egregious errors here.
A/N: I recently read about how Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens were both assigned to interpret for this old German noble/soldier of fortune who had fled Prussia because of homosexual charges (!!). Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben is an interesting story in his own right, and he apparently picked up relationships with several guys from Washington's troops. Anyway, everything about this situation sounds fantastic and funny, and it was their early years (1777), so Hamilton was 20-- or 22 if he really did lie about his age-- and Laurens was 23, and I just see them still young and immature and in the very nascent naively optimistic stages prior to Hamilton's calculated marriage and Laurens' coldness. Anyway, this is an attempt to flesh out the very murky, incomplete story.

Read more...Collapse )

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Venetian commission fanart [13 May 2009|05:28pm]
[ mood | amused ]

There's an art exhibition worthy of national-press-coverage that's taking place in my neck of the woods for once (and I do mean Woods. Boston is just about the northernmost outpost of humanity on the east coast of the USA)

I kept forgetting to post this, but now I must:

This is St. George and the Dragon by Tintoretto
*Photobucket caption added to illustrate my point and prevent Photobucket from removing it as a copyright image or whatever it is that they do nowadays.

I thought I just had a dirty mind to think that the choice of an exceptionally dark Saint George and a matchingly colored dragon made it look like the princess was riding her virile rescuer's giant, flaccid phallus. But then when I read the little curator comment, apparently the critics of the time also thought it was obscene.
Special thanks to chlorate for encouraging this sort of mindset while walking around museums <3

Between all the paintings of Perseus/Andromeda and the Christian spinoff St.George/princess, this might be my new favorite.
I've also been thinking about how I'd go about casting an Olympian pantheon with modern actors, and it's really very difficult for some reason... Everyone seems awfully anachronistic and/or too irregularly featured and/or not even remotely Mediterranean
Ryan Reynolds as Mars.
Mayyyybe Jude Law as Mercury, except not in his receding hairline days, but he does do that up-to-no-good smile well
And for Zeus I keep thinking of Sean Connery, lol, I have no idea why. He's too old, but maybe vaguely the right attitudinal problems
And then I usually devolve into casting actors whose heydays were in the 70s or earlier... :/

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Spidey 3 [01 May 2009|01:20am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

WTF... they closed classes at the med school I work at because of possible swine flu cases? I mean, has anyone in the US even died from this thing? Didn't people die of avian flu and nothing happened in terms of administrative shutdowns? I'm just so confuzzled as to what constitutes imminent threat these days :(

I watched Spider-Man 3 finally, and youknowwhat, it wasn't even that bad. Well, maybe it was that bad, but I think I kept zoning out and drifting off into my own pr0ny scenarios. But then I've been reading and youtubing peter/harry for some time now.

I really liked Harry's black cargo-ish pants and that chase/fight was actually kind of impressive to a person who has no real appreciation for action scenes unless they involve something funny :/ Er, 'person' being me.

And amnesia is probably one of the worst plot devices ever, but it made Harry all adorable and vulnerable and kind of squishable except he also resembled a child which made perving on him feel wrong. But, seriously, I missed a lot of the movie after Harry asks Peter about whether he has girlfriends and Peter's all "Um, no" Because it should have gone like this...
Harry: Do I have any girlfriends by any chance?
Peter: [here's my opportunity to end this festering feud between us] Harry, you came out last year. We've been dating ever since.
Harry: .... Really? Wow, I don't remember anything. I'm sorry.
[Later in Harry's bedroom]
Harry: I think I'm beginning to remember this. I'm totally having deja vu. Or at least my ass is.
Peter: Okay, Harry, now that I'm inside you do you promise not to get mad if I tell you something? YoualwaysthoughtIkilledyourfatherbutactuallyhewasthegreengoblinandkilledhimselfbyaccident. Phew.
Harry: Um... okay. That makes sense I guess. So could we get back to....?

Or, at least, the 1/3 subplot of it that involved Harry Osborn. What the hell was all that Venom business? And even more so Sideways-Sandman?
MJ was annoying, but she was so blatantly asinine and annoying that I ended up not hating her. Maybe because I have this irrational soft spot for Kirsten Dunst from her Jumanji days. Ron Howard's daughter is strikingly beautiful O__O How did that happen, genetically speaking? I even see the resemblance, but she really consolidated the good and evaded the bad. Tobey Maguire looked kind of ugly in this installment, even when he didn't have the emo hairdo going on. I don't know what's going on with that man. Is he going to star in #4, I wonder? He's not looking too old per se, just... washed up, somehow? I'm glad I'm critiquing a movie based on actors' appearances therein. But what else am I going to say anything about? The storyline as a whole is actually interesting-- what with intertwining incestuous connections of love and hate and fearful symmetries left and right, but the script is mostly horrendous, so yes, the third is worse in that department than the second, certainly.

Some of the sfx were surprisingly impressive, because I never expect to be impressed by cgi but there it is. But mostly I just wanted more Harry eating cotton candy or flipping omelets or dancing the twist woodenly or painting still lifes, and none of that requires green screen, I assume. Basically, criminally low budget G-rated PWP is what I enjoyed most in this movie.

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[fic] Magic Bus. Daniel/Millie, F&G, PG-13 [30 Apr 2009|11:34pm]

Title: Magic Bus
Author: JPP
Pairing: Daniel/Millie (Freaks & Geeks)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Het, dubcon, underage, general sleaziness, unbetaed liek whoa
A/N: I have no idea why this is the first F&G thing that I pop out, because really, these two are in the same frame <10 times the whole show? And yet it compels me because she's so Good and he's so... pr0n. So this is an alternate ending to the 'Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers' episode (#14), if Kim hadn't told Millie about the dog, and Millie had gone to the Who concert (on Daniel's 'maaagic bus' haha). Er, alternate ending JPP style... meaning abortive sex instead of the tasteful sentimentality and profundity of the source material. I'm just hoping that the characters are somewhat recognizable :/
I am also probably wrongly assuming Daniel was the one who ended up driving the bus, even though that almost certainly requires a license an 18 year old cannot obtain?? But then he's all automechanic-summer-job-man, so maybe he has the connections? *absolutely clueless* *absolutely rambling*

A brief, disjointed, Danielcentric refresher for that ep is on youtube by my good friend FrancoLiza: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjwrMgNLxz4

a few moar picsCollapse )
Magic BusCollapse )
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Daniel/Millie [26 Apr 2009|11:31am]
[ mood | amused ]

I was all psyched to write a bunch of Freaks and Geeks fic and then work happened, but ahaha, I came across this photo.

one moreCollapse )
Lol @ Franco looking perpetually, vaguely indecent. Sarah Hagan grew up pretty though <3
Now I kind of want fic about Daniel corrupting Millie, because he's tired of being bossed around and abused by Kim lol, and Millie would think he starts talking to her because he's trying to mend his ways or whatever, ahaha. I utterly loathed Millie in the early episodes, but then she develops into an interesting character without being inconsistent with the earlier parts. GOOD WRITING ON THAT SHOW. imho.

THE STICKY FINGER AT THE END!!! Most scenes with James Franco eating are rated R. Augh, he is such a blatant asshole in this scene and I LOVE it.

... I might write it myself because I can see exactly how it would go, ungh. When my boss stops looking over my shoulder periodically? (never)

As for RL, yesterday I walked a drunk guy home for, like, half an hour. He was very very lost and very very drunk, and I met him right outside lab and he lives like a block away from where I live. Which I didn't tell him, obviously. If only he were hot that might have gone somewhere. As it was I had to hold his hand almost the whole way because he kept veering into the road and/or lampposts and then commenting how my hands were so cold, and how he can warm them up for me, and trying to kiss me and saying my hair was pretty (because I think that was the only thing he could really see) and I was all "ahahahaha yes, wonderful, keep walking plz <_______<" *good samaritan*

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Music sharing meme [22 Apr 2009|04:34pm]
[ mood | working ]

1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload, if you feel like it) 5 songs that start with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

slashfairy gave me "F".
And I'll give you 10 songs instead of 5, because I am just that replete with love. Individual download links for convenience, all in mp3 format.

The Fallen (Franz Ferdinand, You Could Have It So Much Better)
It's just a catchy, fast (I like fast :/) song. And I like its starting verse a lot for some reason.
"Some say ya troubled boy / Just because you like to destroy / All the things that bring the idiots joy / Well what's wrong with a little destruction?"

Faith (George Michael, Ladies & Gentlemen: The Best of George Michael)
I actually first heard this song as backdrop to two pretty guys jumping around a bed in their underwear (from Rules of Attraction... mediocre film, one or two good scenes), so it has been forever associated with feelings of glee.
Here's the scene:
And the other couple of good scenes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7POJjKRzTh8

Fake Tales of San Francisco (Arctic Monkeys, Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not)
This was the first song that made me like this band. And it is yet another reason I kind of want to move to SF :B

Falling Into Grace (Red Hot Chili Peppers, One Hot Minute)
Really underrated RHCP song. Well, or maybe not, but it's one of my favorites of theirs, anyway.

Fat Bottomed Girls (Queen, Jazz)
One of the only Queen songs not written by Freddie Mercury that is still very well-produced and awesome.

Feel (Robbie Williams, Escapology)
One of the few Robbie Williams songs I like. Slightly less sappy than Angels, but just as catchy.

Feeling Good (Muse, Origin of Symmetry)
Muse is probably my favorite band. It certainly dominates my 'most played' iTunes list. This particular song is a cover of Nina Simone and it's haunting and beautiful and a song with an upbeat message but precarious, almost stressful, melody. I don't know, I really like it, and my brother covered it with a band backup so it's also got sentimental value :B

Fluorescent Adolescent (Arctic Monkeys, Favourite Worst Nightmare)
My favorite Arctic Monkeys song, period. It recalls the Beatles, a little bit, and the lyrics are wonderful.

Frontier Psychiatrist (The Avalanches, Since I Left You)
Strange and repetitive but compelling electronica one-hit wonder. The end with the child's voice is really endearing for some reason.

Futurism (Muse, B-Sides)
One of the best B-sides ever. Maybe I'm biased, because I like nearly everything by Muse, but seriously. There was also a Clockwork Orange music video that used this song, and the video quality was crap, but it's forever associated with that movie for me now, heh.

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Happy 420 :D [20 Apr 2009|07:09pm]
[ mood | high (on life :/) ]

This is the first year that the holiday means something to me, lol. Vicariously.

Your brain makes endogenous THC-like chemicals-- Is this really surprising people? Why would neurons and other cells have cannabinoid receptors if they didn't bind something endogenous?

Pls to look at this gallery of exquisitely crystal-covered cannabis. It's really beautiful, on a purely aesthetic level. I'm also amazed that people know how to breed and manipulate these plants to overproduce THC to such an extent O__________o The most productive plants are females deprived of male pollen, haha. How... apt.

Best marijuana horticulture book ever, lol. I love Google books for this kind of stuff.
It's written almost like a children's arts and crafts book, which is amazing. They have little "highlights" and "warnings" with handcuff icons. "Security Alert: do not steal electricity!" "Stop pungent odors with an ozone generator!"

Allen Ginsberg's essay The Great Marijuana Hoax from The Atlantic Monthly (1966). Nothing all that new, but his tone cracks me up. I don't know how someone can be simultaneously self-important and self-deprecating, but he manages it.

And finally, the most weedyllic scene in the world:

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James Marsden, Alex Greenwald, a poll to do with nothing [18 Apr 2009|06:14pm]
[ mood | procrastinating ]

Best thing in life?


Most important thing in a man?

What he says
Bed skillz


Stop wasting time and go back to work.

Watched Twilight yesterday, and my expectations were low, but the movie was somehow even worse than my expectations. Doubly awkward was the fact that my roommate invited a guy over and was apparently trying to get him to like her by having him watch this film. So. Even if I loved this movie, I would not try to seduce a guy with it. It is one of the most horrendously chicky, repressed, sentimental and overly dramatic movies I've ever seen.
Then my other roommate had us all watch Enchanted, which is not a favorite of mine but was leagues ahead of Twilight in terms of watchability and appeal to guys. Watching it the second time, I really just wanted to pause it at the part when James Marsden the Prince comes knocking on the door of a biker dude and the biker dude leers at him, and James Marsden is all 'er...'. The biker dude was unattractive as sin but bikerdude/jamesmarsdeninmedievalgetup was for some reason appealing to me by that point in the evening.
I should mention James Marsden made no impression on me as the pointless X-man of the group.
I also caught a tiny snippet of Heights, wherein he plays a bisexual who has an affair with a guy and gets found out and the girl freaks out. James Marsden is like a less effeminate Ian Somerhalder.

And another guy I'm into suddenly: Alex Greenwald, frontman of Phantom Planet who recently broke up but sang the O.C. themesong in their heyday. He was introduced as Agyness Deyn's new arm candy, and everyone on ONTD seemed to be lamenting his dirtiness, but I swear only now does he look attractive to me. In his Gap ad, short haired, clean cut years he was meh at best :/
Alex Greenwald's gradual hair transformationCollapse )
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Happy Birthday Seth Rogen [15 Apr 2009|09:17pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Cue Dale's "What's the significance of that."

Birthday on tax day = ick.

I love Seth Rogen a lot, as a person. I know that's presumptuous to say, because I don't know him as a person, but omg, in all the (copious) footage of him off the set that I've watched he is consistently amusing and interesting and generally smile-inducing. Idek. He's just organically LIKABLE.
I mean, how can you not like a guy who signs his photos thusly:

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[fic] Nuptial Sheets, David/Jonathan, David/Michal, R [13 Apr 2009|01:43am]
Title: Nuptial Sheets
Pairing: David/Jonathan, David/Michal
Fandom: Bible, Samuel I
Rating: R
Warnings: het, slash, machiavellian tendencies in david, unbetaed
A/N: I always wondered what Jonathan would think of David marrying his sister. There's more than one potential version in my head. Here's the depressed/peeved reaction.

Read more...Collapse )
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