this is definitely some sort of mental masturbation

3 March
I was born and now I'm living. Trying to maximize the fun while it lasts.
I am a mass murderer of microorganisms by day, and a fanfic reader/writer by night.
The USSR, Israel and the US have been my homelands. And NYC. No, NYC is not part of the USA.
The fanfic I have written can mostly be categorized as (a) Hook/Pan from Peter Pan, (b) David/Jonathan from the bible, with a smattering of other things. My latest obsession? Dale/Saul from Pineapple Express.

I vaguely co-mod heteroclitical and peterpanslash.

Content is rated about a PG-13 for stuff outside of cuts, and NC-17 is always labeled as such.

What little fanfiction I have written (contains NC-17s, chan, and other things that may very well offend somebody out there casually browsing, so you have been forewarned)

How cheerfully he seems to grin,
how neatly spreads his claws.
And welcomes little fishes in,
with gently smiling jaws.

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Vitas (Витас) is amazing 4-octave Russian singing LOVE
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